After silence on the subject for a year or so, mum's back at me again to do something about euthenasia for her. I went to visit for her 60th birthday for a few days with my children, and the moment my dad left the house she was talking about it again, inferring that I should help her to get some help on this matter. It's clear that she won't even broach the taboo subject with him. 

I'm tired of it. What I wanted to say was this, but of course I couldn't, so i'm just going to vent it on here" 

Mum, nobody is going to help you euthenaise yourself. In the first instance, it's illegal in this country, you have alzheimers, even if it wasn't illegal, they wouldn't touch you with a barge pole, because you are not mentally competent, let alone can't articulate your wants in any clear way. The only way I know what you want, is because I've known you my whole life. I watched you deal with your dad who had alzheimers, I've watched you as a nurse your whole life reminding me again and again, "If I ever get like that, shoot me". I'm over it, if you want it done, you are going to have to do it yourself. As much as I am pro-euthenasia, I am a mum, I have two small children, and obviously have a committment to them which comes way before my committment to ease your suffering. Unfortunately, if you want it, you are just going to have to do it yourself. If you can't, shut up and stop trying to guilt me into breaking the law in order to help you.